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A Reader's History of Science Fiction

Episode 25 Delayed

Mar 29, 2021

Hi all. Sorry there's no new episode this week. I have the script finished and everything, but my computer's gone on the fritz. I barely got it working again after the mess it got into yesterday, and until I have a better idea of how it's doing, I don't trust it to get through recording and editing an episode.

I'm going...

Mar 15, 2021

In the New Wave, a new batch of dystopian stories appeared that reflected the newer concerns of the time. These were different from the classics like Nineteen Eighty-Four--more diverse, and very often more hopeful. In this episode, we explore the highlights of these stories.

Short story recommendation: "Harrison...

Mar 1, 2021

In the 60s and 70s, awareness of environmental issues was rising, and that was reflected in the New Wave of science fiction. Of particular note were overpopulation and pollution (leading to widespread environmental collapse). In this episode, we explore the highlights of this subgenre.

Book recommendation: Stand...